Autumn Moon Festival

Our annual Autumn Moon Festival was a blast this year! We got to make really cute take out boxes and lanterns to celebrate this important Chinese holiday. Besides the awesome crafts, we had some stellar performances too! Vicky played two amazing pieces on the guzhen, a Chinese harp, for us. We also had the Atlanta Professional Dance Academy girls perform a beautiful Chinese handkerchief dance called, Er Yue Li Lai. Last but not least we had a wonderful musical performance by Big Brother, Boyang Niu. He played a traditional Chinese piece called The Golden Furnace.

After the performances we got to eat delicious Chinese food catered by Lin’s Chinese Restaurant. We had yummy fried rice, chowmein, stir fried vegetables, fried spring rolls, Kung Pao chicken, and much more! After we filled ourselves up with tasty food, we learned about the story of the Autumn Moon Festival, about Chang’e and Houyi as well as their Jade Rabbit. Then we went outside to go on a scavenger hunt based on the story of the Autumn Moon Festival with cool prizes.

The Autumn Moon Festival was a huge success! The Big Sisters and Little Sisters had lots of fun just hanging out and having a blast.