The Hand in Hand Chinese Culture Program is a youth led organization that promotes the appreciation of the Chinese culture and establishes friendships between children adopted from China and Chinese-American teens in the metro Atlanta area.

Who We Are

Hand in Hand was started by a group of Chinese-American teens living in the metro Atlanta/Johns Creek area. We volunteer our time each weekend to teach Chinese and dance because we love working with kids and want to share our Chinese culture with others.

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What We Do

Through many ways, our programs strive to help families with children adopted from China and to instill a sense of cultural pride in adopted Chinese children from an early age. Hand in Hand offers a unique opportunity for children adopted from China to learn about the Chinese culture through bilingual language and Chinese dance classes.
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So What Makes Us Special?

Hand in Hand is a program in the metro Atlanta area that is led and run by Chinese-American teens. Not only will the kids gain a greater knowledge of the Chinese culture, but they will also get to know Chinese role models, sisters and friends.

Why We Do What We Do

Hundreds of families in the Atlanta area have children adopted from China. Growing up in American families, adopted Chinese kids don’t always have a chance to learn about and experience first hand the Chinese culture. More importantly, they lack Asian role models and people they can look up to who are just like them.

As first and second generation Chinese-American teens, we feel like this is something we can help out with as a way of giving back to the community. This program is as much of a learning experience for us as it is for the kids. Through working with children adopted from China, we are instilling this appreciation for the Chinese culture in the kids, but at the same time keeping the Chinese culture alive in ourselves. And that is what our program is all about: connecting with our heritage and sharing what we all love and have in common, together, hand in hand.

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