Website Redesign!

We have yet again redesigned the Hand in Hand website, and as you can see, a lot has changed.

We are now powered by WordPress, so we now have an RSS Feed, for those who like to use RSS feeds. By using WordPress, we have basically merged ¬†our Blogspot with our main website. This way, it’s easier for us to update our website, and easier for you to stay updated. Consequently, we will no longer be updating our Blogspot, so please, change your bookmarks.

We have also merged our Gallery section with our Picasa Web Gallery, so we can quickly upload more photos from our Hand in Hand events and classes. Please change your bookmarks if necessary.

The new website has been tested on Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome, Safari, the iPhone/iPod Touch, the Android browser, and the iPad. The site should ideally be fine in Internet Explorer 7 and newer as well.

If you encounter any problems with the website, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.