Hand in Hand: Beginning Our New Year!

I hope everyone had a great summer! Hand in Hand language and dance classes have officially begun. Our wonderful language teacher, Ms. Jessie, is teaching again this year, but have a new dance teacher, Ms. Yu Xiaojie. Ms. Yu, a teacher at the Atlanta Professional Dance Academy, was the dance teacher at our summer culture camp. Everyone loved her, so we asked her to stay as our permanent dance teacher!

As our program grows, we have split our language and dance classes into an older class and younger class. These classes alternate times, so the older students have dance class first, followed by language class, while the younger students have language class first, then dance. We have many fun activities and themes planned for this year, so we’re looking forward to an exciting and education semester for everyone!

In addition, we are also offering classes for parents! There are now Tai Chi classes and simplified Chinese language classes available for parents who are interested. The language class is taught by Ms. Wang Fan, who happens to be an accomplished Chinese cook, so there might be some Chinese cooking classes throughout the year!

Our Big Sister Program is also starting up again, and we have many new Big Sisters and Little Sisters this year! Our first event is going to be a Pool Party at the Medlock Bridge pool on Saturday, August 29th to celebrate our last few weeks of summer! We’re looking forward to seeing all our old members and meeting new ones!!